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Hangzhou crystal crown glass bottle Co., Ltd. main products are: beer bottles, white wine bottles, yellow wine bottles, brown wine bottles, infusion bottles, medicinal bottles, food bottles, olive oil bottles, beverage bottles, nutritional bottles, perfume bottles, cream bottles, various kinds of cosmetic bottles, bottles, glassware and control bottles, and more than 2000 varieties, and can be customized according to user needs, products in addition to meet the domestic demand. Besides demand, it also exports to the United States, Japan, Canada and Southeast Asia. 

The company sells the products of two glass bottle production joint ventures, one bottle cap factory and one glass bottle back processing factory. The joint venture factory has 600 regular employees and 65 professional and technical personnel. It has an annual output of 60000 tons of brown, transparent and green glass products. It has one 45 square meter glass tank furnace, one 26 square meter glass tank furnace and three 30 square meter glass tank furnaces. There are six sets of double drop row and row machine production lines, two 12 group machines and six single drop row and row machine production lines, eight 48 Group machines, one production line of three manual machines And artificial mouth production line 2, there are matching power supply, water supply, steam, gas supply and other systems. The company is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, which is known as "paradise on earth". 

It has the market advantages of talents, science and technology and economy brought by the "Yangtze River Delta", and the water and land transportation is convenient. The company adheres to the long-term strategic thinking of "people-oriented", pursues the enterprise tenet of "managing credibility and selling quality"; adheres to the market concept of "quality as the root, people-oriented, honest service, and scientific and technological innovation"; with high-quality products and dedicated service, we will create brilliance with you. The company's products adopt advanced silicon rich treatment technology on the inner surface of glass bottles, products' hot end steam coating and cold end spraying technology, adopt fluorine-free energy-saving high-performance glass formula, have complete testing equipment and means, establish a perfect quality management system and service system, obtain the glass infusion bottle production license, in the previous quality inspection, whether it is appearance quality, or not It has excellent physical and chemical properties and become the leader in Zhejiang Province. Company tenet: quality as the root, people-oriented, honest service, scientific and technological innovation!

  • Team Professional design and development, production, quality control, service team
  • Price Quality assurance and reasonable price
  • Quality Perfect quality management system and after-sales service system
  • Certificate The company has obtained ISO9001 system certification and SGS certification


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