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Discussion on decontamination method of glass wine bottle

2021-12-22 15:34

Glass wine bottles can be seen everywhere in life, but many people don't know how to deal with them when they are dirty? Today, let's learn about the decontamination methods of glass wine bottles!

A when wiping, it is best to wipe one side vertically up and down and the other side horizontally left and right, so that it is easy to find missing places.

B rinse it with warm water first, and then wipe it with a wet cloth dipped in a little alcohol. The glass will be particularly bright.

C drop kerosene on the glass, or apply chalk ash and gypsum powder dipped in water on the glass to dry, and wipe it with clean cloth or cotton. The glass is clean and bright.

D put the tooth powder in water, wipe both sides of the glass with this solution, wipe with a cloth after drying, and finally wipe with a wrinkled newspaper.

E add a little ammonia (10:1) into the water, scrub the glass, and finally wipe it with a dry cloth and wrinkled newspaper.

F if there is paint or dirt on the glass, apply some vinegar on it and wipe it off with a clean cloth after soaking it soft.

G if the glass is blackened, it can be wiped with a fine cloth coated with toothpaste to restore the cleanliness of the glass.

H wipe the glass with a towel dipped in beer or warm vinegar to quickly eliminate the dirt on the glass.

I put some water in the washbasin, pour in a little shampoo, mix it, and use it to wipe the glass. It will look very clean and bright.

J the frost on the surface of the glass is easy to wipe in winter. It can be cleaned with cloth in strong salt water or baijiu.

K. the dirt on the glass can be wiped clean and bright with a cloth or silk return dipped in toothpaste.

L take one dry and one wet cloth, and wipe both sides of the glass with a wet cloth first; Use a dry cloth to dip a small amount of Baijiu, wipe the glass vigorously, and then clean and bright.

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